Nemko is one of the founding members of the IECEE, the umbrella organisation of the Certification Bodies (CB) scheme, and is one of the leaders in issuing CB certificates.

The main benefit of the CB scheme is that it allows manufacturers based anywhere in the world to apply for the product certification mark of any other participating scheme member. CB reports/certificates may also, in some cases, be used on their own to demonstrate product (safety) compliance.

IEC and IECEE CB Scheme Logos

Key aspects of the CB scheme:

  • Recognised in more than 50 countries worldwide
  • Established for over 40 years
  • Manufacturing site(s) can be anywhere in the world
  • Testing in accordance with the IEC standards
  • CB members reserve the right to carry out re-testing when applying for additional certification marks (a product sample may therefore be requested)
  • Factory inspections are not required by the CB scheme

Further information is available on the IECEE website: CB Scheme

Full details of our CB scope are available on the IECEE website: Nemko Ltd’s CB scope