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Saudi Arabia (KSA) shipment certification

Under this scheme, exporters must apply for an “Attestation of Conformity” (AoC) which confirms that the product has been found by Nemko to meet the appropriate safety standards and has been registered under the Nemko Shipment Certification Program for product to be exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A Nemko Test Report showing compliance with the applicable IEC safety standard(s), including any national differences for Saudi Arabia, can be used to register the product under the scheme.

There are a few general requirements which must be met, including:

  • All products shall be marked with country of origin
  • Products must not contain asbestos
  • Accompanying instruction manual shall be in Arabic
  • All applicable cautionary and warning markings shall be in Arabic
  • Any pictures that may be offensive to the Islamic religion are forbidden on products and packaging

Following registration, shipment to KSA is subject to inspection and “Certification of Conformity” (CoC) per consignment, prior to shipment.

Exporters can deal directly with Nemko to obtain “Certificates of Conformity” on an on-going basis using our streamlined and well established application process.

Full ‘product certification’ for the SASO mark is also available via our Nemko Direct scheme, if required.


For further information, please contact Peter Cross:

T: +44 (0)20 8254 5219
E: peter.cross@nemko.co.uk

Flag of Saudi Arabia