The EMC Directive concerns electromagnetic compatibility – to ensure that products can function without interfering with (emission) or being susceptible to interference from (immunity) other products.

For what products?

The Directive applies to almost all electrical equipment regardless of whether it is battery driven, uses an external electricity supply, or operates from mains or high voltage. It also applies to equipment, machinery and installations which contain electrical or electronic components.


  • Accredited testing according to harmonised standards
  • Guidance and supervision to complete Technical Construction File (TCF)
  • Evaluation of tests as a Notified Body
  • On-site measurements
  • Internationally accepted test reports


ISM equipmentEN 55011CISPR 11
Audio / TV / radio equip.EN 55013CISPR 13
Household appliancesEN 55014CISPR 14
Lighting equipmentEN 55015CISPR 15
IT EquipmentEN 55022CISPR 22
Signalling on mainsEN 50065-1
Harmonic distortionEN 60555-2 EN 61000-3-2IEC 555-2 IEC 1000-3-2
Voltage fl.\FlickerEN 60555-3 EN 61000-3-3IEC 555-3 IEC 1000-3-3
Generic residential areaEN 50081-1
Generic industrial areaEN 50081-2


Household appliancesEN 55104
Lighting equipmentEN 61547IEC 1547
Audio / TV / radio equip.EN 55020CISPR 20
Generic residentrial areaEN 55015EN 50082-1
Generic industrial areaEN 55022EN 50082-2

Combined Emission & Immunity

Medical appliancesEN 60601-1-2IEC 601-1-2
Electronic switchesEN 60669-2-1IEC 669-2-1
Arc welding appliancesEN 50199
UPSEN 50091-2
Frequency convertersEN 61800-3IEC 1800-3
Programmable controllersEN 61131-2IEC 1131-2
Maritime navigation appliancesEN 60945IEC 945
Fire / intruder alarmsEN 50130-4
Radio communication appliancesprETS 300 339
Telecom appliancesprETS 300 386-1
Short range radioprETS 300 683

Copies of the ‘Guide to the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Regulations 2006’ (URN 08/1192) may be found at: