Travel Adaptors

BS 8546

Nemko Ltd is UKAS accredited for testing to BS 8546, the standard for travel adaptors. This standard was drafted by BSI sub-committee PEL23, of which Nemko is an active member.

It replaces standards such as BS 5733 and IEC 60884, which have been commonly applied to travel adaptors in the past, for products marketed in the UK.

Travel Adaptors

Key information

  • Applicable from April 2016
  • Covers all travel adaptors which contain either BS 1363 compatible plug pins or a BS 1363 compatible socket
  • USB charger socket outlets are also covered under Annex F of BS 8546 by applying:
    (i) Any of the following safety standards: BS EN 60950-1 or BS EN 62368-1 or BS EN 61558-2-6 & BS EN 61558-2-16
    (ii) Performance standard BS EN 62680-1-1 NB: the USB circuit must be classified as a ‘dedicated charging port’

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